The following system is typical of Dropsa Air/Oil lubrication systems in Aluminum Mills.

As with all of Dropsa’s Minimal Air Oil technology application, emphasis is placed on precise volumetric distribution and control of the air oil mixture that is injected into every point.  This is in direct contrast to the more primitive restrictive “splitter” devices that generate much lower performance results and generally use much greater quantities of lubricant.

The system typically has a Pump station as shown in the diagram that supplies oil to the system and has a PLC for monitoring and providing feedback to the Host’s machine PLC. This can be interfaced according to each customer’s need.

The air-oil lubrication satellite is placed on board the machine and is supplied with oil from the central station and air from a utility connection.
It uses Dropsa’s SMX Red-base Volumetric divider system to precisely measure lubricant to each point and has feedback monitoring of each point via the SMX Ultrasensor product
Additionally, individual point air flow monitoring is installed on each lubrication point.  This ensure that not only the exact lubricant amount is being injected in every point but that each point has the air flow within a MIN/MAX setting


System Overview:

Total Number of Points:               from 12 to 80
Lubricant:                                    Oil CLP 220 ÷ 320 
Total Oil Volume per cycle:          min 8cm³/cycle max 30cm³/cycle
Operating Frequency:                 min.  5  max 10 minutes
Length of system:                       min. 20mt max 40mt
Air Pressure:                               2-4 bar

This case application was implemented using :

Benefits achieved

  • Increased Bearing life
  • Productivity increase many times due to reduced changeouts
  • Contamination kept out of bearing
  • Electronic feedback of precise lubricant injection on every point
  • Individual point Air Flow and consumption
  • Quick and early diagnostic of any potential problems

System design


Компания «Моторимпекс» получила сертификат ISO 9001:2015