DropsA has installed many lubrication systems on Pelletisers.  To date this exceeds 600 machines. Pellet press machines where original used to make animal feed. They are now used extensively to make bio-pellets.
Modern sawmills collect all the sawdust created from within their factories and then either ship to bio-energy plants for pelletising or in many cases make the bio-pellets in-house.  The end bio-pellets products are then used as fuel for heating as an example which is common in Scandinavian countries as well as in Ireland where households using bio-fuel receive tax incentives.


Benefits achieved

A pellet press has between 2 to 4 greasing points. 2 grease points are the main rollers (indicated on the photograph) which are extremely important to the function of the press.

Then there is the main shaft and lineator that also need greasing but to a lesser extent.
Typical hourly grease usage depends on the size of the press and the material that is passing through. Grease quanitities can vary between to 10 to 140 cc per hour. Dropsa can advise how much grease depending on the model of press.

Progressive SMX system is used with 234700 pneumatic pump and separate VIP5 controller.
The system is also available in ATEX for wood pelletising and currently Dropsa is the only company to offer the pneumatic barrel pump for 50 or 200 KGs suitable for ATEX.


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